Our comprehensive CRM offers everything you need to manage your direct sales business.
Take a look at some of the features we offer.

Appointment Board

Most direct marketing companies book appointments in which they demonstrate their product, to potential customers. The appointment board is your central hub for the demonstrations you book daily.
This is where you dispatch appointments to your sales team.

SMS Text Dispatch
We know how important your time is. So we provide time saving features like SMS dispatching. When an appointment gets dispatched to a sales rep, we automatically send them a text with the appointment details. . (SMS text messaging powered by Twilio)
Mapping / Street View
Before wasting your valuable reps time, on sub par demonstration opportunities. Pre-survey the homes you are sending them to, by viewing them first on live Street View / Map View, to better assess the customer potential.

Leads / Marketing

Lead Assign Filter

At different times of the day, different times of leads are better for booking.
We let you assign your leads to your marketers based on a variety of lead filters.

Easy Lead Assign
Simply click on the lead bubble, and you can choose which marketer to dispatch which type of leads to
It couldn't be more simple than that.
Stats at a Glance
All your most important metrics at a glance for the day.
Keep on top of your marketing team to ensure higher conversion ratios.
Track things like Time spent per call, Contact %, Bookings per Hour and more...
Easy Resort
During the day, you might burn through a bunch of leads.
We provide an easy re-sort button, that brings all uncontacted leads back to the top
of the pile, for a second call. This way you can be sure to go through your leads thoroughly.
Without needlessly burning through them.
Customizable Booking Scripts
Depending on the type of lead you're contacting. You can assign different scripts for different purposes.
This allows you to customize each script to the specific lead you are calling.


Sales Journal

The Sales Journal is your overview of your daily sales. Filter for any time period, and view all your sales for that timeframe.

File Upload
Upload any relevant files for each sale. Such as paperwork, documentation, customer photos, etc.
Anything to do with a sale can be added to the file.
Files are encrypted and stored safely on the Amazon S3 storage cloud.
Stats at a Glance
Track the sales of your team, for any time period.
View their closing % and any metrics you choose.
Fully customizable to your business.